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Mission Statement- The school will make its staff and students techno savvy to meet the demands of fast changing scenario of technological era.


About the Alumni Office

We are happy to inform you about the establishment of an Alumni Affairs Office at Shri Ram Ashram Public School

As a part of this, we have a faculty and student team managing this office to increase the contact and engagement between alumni and the institution and within the alumni network itself.

The role of the office will be to:
1.Keep a track of all Alumni of the school and keep them connected with the school and each other.
2. Keep Alumni updated about the activities of the school and the developments within the Alumni network.
3. Create meaningful engagement among students, alumni and teachers through various events, platforms and programs.


Shri Ram Ashram Alumni Association aims to reach, serve and engage all Ashramites; to develop everlasting, intellectual and emotional bonds between the school and its alumni; and to provide the school with their goodwill and support.


The objectives and purpose of Shri Ram Ashram Alumni Association is:

•    To promote the interests and welfare of the school and its alumni
•    To enable intra-alumni connections for the growth and development of its alumni
•    To inspire alumni to contribute towards the progress of the school
•    To identify and recognize alumni volunteers who can support and advance the cause of value education by the school and can undertake activities of charitable nature for the welfare of the country

All this to be consistent with policies of Shri Ram Ashram Educational Society.

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