Shri Ram Ashram Public School
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Mission Statement- The school will make its staff and students techno savvy to meet the demands of fast changing scenario of technological era.


Dear Ashramites

Ashram’s Greetings!

It is about time that we formalise your association with the school as the classrooms still resonate with your sounds and the corridors echo your laughters.It will be great experience to get nostalgic and strengthen our bonds, revisit old stories and create new one.

We spent a number of years growing together grooming you and also learning back. I feel blessed and honoured to invite you back to school, this time to teach us. Come back home with your experiences from all over the world or from right here next door. Come, show us the path, ignite the young minds and help us mutually benefit and unitedly form a community of mutual trust. We need to learn and imbibe your passion, your ideas and a little of your time.

Please feel free to write and interact with us. On behalf of the entire Ram Ashram family, I thank you for your registrations till now. Looking forward to taking your Alma Mater to greater glories.

Vinodita  Sankhyan

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