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Mission Statement- The school will make its staff and students techno savvy to meet the demands of fast changing scenario of technological era.

 Library is considered to be a light house of knowledge and we are  lucky to have a double storey, well-stocked and computerized library in our school. It is supervised by qualified librarians. The collection of books covers a wide range including short stories, plays, collection of poems, fictions, classics, adventure stories, Computer, Maths, Psychology, General Knowledge, Religion, Science. History, Geography, Art,Photography, Travel & Tourism, different encyclopedia series-Britannica, Philosophy, Dictionaries,etc.Quiet and peaceful environment of the library inculcates the habit of reading in students that quench their thirst of knowledge. Time to time the library is enriched  with the arrival of new books and periodicals. A library committee has been formed.It gives valuable suggestions and reviews regarding books for the improvement of the library.

Attractions of the Library:-
·        Books-  more than 4000
·        Magazines & journals
·        Newspapers 
·        Subject Dictionaries- Visual, English, Science, Hindi, Punjabi, Economic Accounts, Computer, etc.
·        Reasoning books
·        Books on child Psychology
·       Different Encyclopedia series like Funk and Wag, Student Encyclopedia, Britannica, Science Encyclopedia
        ·        Books on religion
                ·        Health books & Encyclopedia
                ·        Accounts and Business Studies
                ·        General Knowledge books –Tell me why, Where, How and When
                ·        Books for competitive Exams
             ·        Maths objective books -                                                                                                                                   
-Tell me everything- Illustrated
-Encyclopedia –Family Encyclopedia
               ·        Guinness World Record Book
·        World of Facts by Whitekers
·        Biographies of great personalities
A library is an important part of an institution and without it the institution is a ship without a rudder. So it can be considered as a backbone of an institution.

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