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14 Decimg

Get ready for a day of laughter, joy and pure FUN! šŸŒˆ We're thrilled to announce our upcoming 'Annual š™†š™„š˜æš™• š™†š˜¼š™š™‰š™„š™‘š˜¼š™‡'' on 22nd š˜æš™šš™˜š™šš™¢š™—š™šš™§, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. where little smiles will fill the air. Get your Child REGISTRATION done by 10 am Mark your calendars and join us for a day packed with excitement. Spread the word ā€“ it's going to be a Karnival to remember! An assured gift for everyone š™š™š™š š™¢š™¤š™§š™š, tš™š™š š™¢š™šš™§š™§š™žš™šš™§ ā€“ š™Øš™šš™š š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™–š™© š™©š™š™š š™†š™–š™§š™£š™žš™«š™–š™”!