Our Library

Library is considered to be a light house of knowledge and we are lucky to have a spacious, well-ventilated, well-stocked library equipped with both printed and e-books in our school. It is supervised by qualified librarians.

Our library is now air-conditioned and it offers books along with journals, magazines and periodicals providing an ambience that instils love for reading in children.

The treasure of books covers a wide range including short stories, plays, collection of poems, fictions, classics, adventure stories, Computer, Maths, Psychology, Philosophy, General Knowledge, Science, History, Geography, Art, Photography, Travel & Tourism, different encyclopedia series, Dictionaries etc. Quiet and peaceful environment of the library inculcates the habit of reading in students that quench their thirst for knowledge. Time to time the library is enriched with the arrival of new books and periodicals. A library committee has been formed to give valuable suggestions and reviews regarding books for the improvement of the library.

The attractions of our library:
  • Magazines & Journals
  • 10 Newspapers in English, Hindi & Punjabi
  • Subject Dictionaries
  • Books on reasoning & child psychology
  • Funk and Wagnall Encyclopedias
  • Student Encyclopedia
  • Britannica Series
  • Science Encyclopedia
  • Religious books
  • Accounts and Business Studies
  • General Knowledge books -Tell me why, Where, How and When
  • Books on reasoning & child psychology
  • Family Encyclopedia
  • Books on religion
  • Thesaurus
  • Resonance book material for NEET, JEE and NTSE books