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14 Febimg

On the memorable date of February 10th, 2024, the students of XI orchestrated a touching farewell extravaganza 'Farewell Fiesta' to honour their departing seniors from XII. The day commenced with the tranquil chanting of Gayatri Mantras followed by a vibrant cultural programme showcasing a diverse array of talents, including Western dance performance, a comedy skit, challenging tongue twisters, and the pulsating rhythms of Bhangra, all skillfully presented by the enthusiastic students of XI. The XII students, in their final act of glory, took the stage with confidence and grace during the modeling presentations. Their charisma and style were unmatched as they paraded down the runway, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all present. The winners were decorated with the titles: Mr. Exuberant ( Kavin Mehra), Mr. Adonis (Udhav Sharma), Mr. Dynamic (Onkar Singh), Mr. Versatile (Amitoj Singh), Mr. Poised (Ashwin Chugh), Mr.Well Groomed(Varun Kapoor), Miss Elegant (Tanisha), Miss Dynamic (Divyanshi), Miss Dazzling (Varnika), Miss Graceful(Srishti), Miss Fashionista (Smridhi). As a token of appreciation and affection, each XII student was presented with a carefully chosen return gift, symbolizing the enduring bonds forged during their time together. The 'Farewell Fiesta' served as a poignant reminder of the cherished memories shared and the profound impact of their time spent together.