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22 Junimg

"The most rejuvenating, recreational, and regenerating health activity that has been practised for ages by all age groups is Yoga." 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ The School celebrated the 10th International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2024 to raise awareness and celebrate the physical and spiritual prowess that Yoga has brought to the world. The event was graced by the benign presence of Sh. Suresh Mahajan (Joint Secretary), Dr Karunesh Gupta (Member of Management), Ms. Neetu Sharma (Principal, Shri Ram Ashram Senior Secondary School), Dr Sanjay Mahajan (C.A.O.) and the other distinguished members of the Governing Council. The day began with a calming Om chant, followed by students, teachers and parents performing various asanas, Pranayam, and meditation. The 2 PB NCC Naval Wing, led by Commanding Officer Ajay Sharma, also joined in, emphasizing Yoga's profound impact on health and well-being. #internationalyogaday2024 #fitnessmotivation #CBSESchool #bestschoolever